The Redevelopment Authority
of the City of New Kensington

Board of Directors

Randolph Milliron Chairman
Thomas Ceraso Vice Chairman
Jim Croushore Secretary
David Namey Treasurer

NKRA Staff

Sarah Snider Executive Director

Funding Partners

City of New Kensington
PA Department of Community and Economic Development
Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation
Economic Growth Connection - Westmoreland County
Housing and Urban Development - Federal Government
Numerous State and Federal Programs

Just 17 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, east along Route 28, New Kensington sits along the Allegheny River with easy access to Route 28 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. New Kensington’s recent history parallels most other cities and town in the region. The decline of the local steel industry and Alcoa sent it into a tailspin of economic shock and symptomatic aftershocks. In the historic downtown area, there are banks, numerous businesses, restaurants, a shopping plaza and a Urgent Care Center as well as City Hall and the newly completely Westmoreland County College. There is a group of optimistic and motivated people and the City Government that are working to build upon our strengths and are gathering momentum.

New Kensington is the birthplace of aluminum, developed by Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America), which is still the global leader in the aluminum market. Although this multi-national corporation has long since left downtown New Kensington, it has left an indelible mark on the architecture of the community. “New Ken” as the town is affectionately known, has water fronts and hillsides replete with industrial edifices left behind by Alcoa.

New Kensington is 3.8 square miles in area and has a population of 13,370. The Redevelopment Authority and the City Government are actively and optimistically working to recognize and build upon the town’s many assets. There are approximately 57 acres of beautiful parks, plentiful affordable housing, and numerous educational opportunities, including a branch of Penn State University and the newly completed Westmoreland County College, and a diverse ethnic population.

The Redevelopment Authority is taking a systematic approach to their economic development and revitalization planning. Fifth Avenue Phase I, consisting of 2 parcels, is the now the home to Geo-Solutions and Westmoreland County College. Fifth Avenue Phase II, consisting of 3 parcels, was utilized for the expansion of Geo-Solutions, Inc. and Ziccarelli Enterprises development. Additional land is available for development in other areas. The Redevelopment Authority, in cooperation with the City of New Kensington, have demolished over 175 structures in the past 9 years. The Redevelopment Authority has done this with great consideration of current tenants, relocating them when necessary. The Redevelopment Authority and the City of New Kensington are committed to revitalizing the downtown area of the city. The Redevelopment Authority works to match willing sellers with new or expanding businesses.